Neighbors dislike "terroristic threat" Christmas display in man's front yard

No no, save that for people with power. Not sad men with (likely) affective disorders.

If you allow displays on front lawns in your town, you can’t say boo when someone puts up a display.


Perhaps they’re only annoyed with the terrorists. I mean, it’s not like the War on Terror has affected their beautiful suburban minds in any meaningful way.

The phrase ‘war on terror’ had exactly this much impact on the average american, ‘‘we don’t like their lawn ornaments and so we’re going to send our young men over to bully them terribly’’ is very much what the WOT meant to most suburbanites.


The real “terrorists” are the ones who threaten you with eternal damnation for not believing what they believe.


“Terroristic Threatening” is a charge that has nothing to do with “terrorists” or “terrorism” in the post 2001 sense. It’s a term that’s been the legal charge here since WAY before that kind of “terrorism” was a buzzword or a real fear. It’s a charge that is used for any threatening a person in a way meant to make them fearful that you’re going to do them physical harm. Like if you called your ex-wife and said you’re going to kill her, terroristic threatening would be the charge. It has no relation to “terror” in the national security kind of sense, but rather to “terror” in the original sense of it being terrifying, meant to scare someone in a genuine sort of way.

Well, seeing as how the photo was taken during the day, you’re already de-lighted.

HA! See? It’s a p…oh, why are you crying?

You won’t let us use the word “terrorist” ? What kind of Commie, Christmas-hating terrorist are you, anyway?


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