Neighbors dislike "terroristic threat" Christmas display in man's front yard


Christ, what an asshole.


The person who thought it was a “terroristic threat”? or the person who put together that awful display? or just both. I think both. One has no taste the other has no brains.


Yeah, this is actually just the surface of a bigger neighborhood feud that’s been stewing for a couple of years now.
ABC has now made it a tradition to check in on wacky, cranky ole´ Bill every Christmas, wich of course only exacerbates the situation.

The TLDR: the Ansell brothers used to arrange those elaborate, gorgeous displays of Christmas lights that you see on the news for entirely different reasons. They entered contests, raised money for charity and so on.
Then the neighborhood got tired of all the spectators in their driveway and asked the brothers to take it down a notch, wich sent Bill into a rather severe depression, since the Christmas lights was the main thing he had going for him. And here we are today.

Happy Holidays!


Sounds to me like somebody needs a hug.

Things have gotten way out of hand. There comes a time when even if you were in the right, even if the original beautfiul display was a hassle you couldn’t put up with long enough to let it bring joy to the guy and the town for a few weeks during the holidays, you see that he’s taken it a lot more personally and deeply than you meant for your criticism to be. This level of retaliation is to the point you’ve got to see beyond him acting like an ass and see it for the huge public expression of hurt and sadness.

The neighborhood and the media giving him so much negative attention over the ugly display just fuels the fire to keep the ugliness going. The best way to stop it is to turn the tables and shower him with love and holiday joy. He needs to be loved and appreciated and is just settling for hated.


This war on Christmas has gotten out of hand!


This reads like a combination of two different neighbors across the street on my block. The house next door to us ended up planting trees in their front yard to block the radiation from what we refer to as “The Death Star”: a display involving a wooden structure depicting angles and (obviously) a star, strings of lights, and a >1KW bulb in the center aimed straight out the front. The other was the family across from us (thankfully moved recently) who would rig elaborate light displays on their topiary train. We’d have to yell at people to stop parking in our driveway or stopping traffic to get photos whenever we’d come or go from our house.

There’s a fine line between insulting and just plain crazy. This one’s firmly in the “crazy” camp.

Now, if’n Santa were to be arranged urinating into a crèche, he might have a good go at the team insulting.

Also, bonus points to the brothers for leaving the decorations up through May.


Star… star… yessss!
Inertial electrostatic confinement fusor as a centerpiece of a Christmas ornament.
Sir, you’re inspiring!

“I don’t like” == “terrorism.” They forgot to say this guy is exactly the same as Hitler.


Yeah… I’m with this guy. Apart from the sign disrespecting the dead*, this is the kind of xmas display I can get behind and the kind of ‘oh, you don’t like me doing nice things? let me do awful things and see which you prefer’ behaviour that I enjoy.

*She might have been an awful person. Dying isn’t an automatic guarantee that people will not say mean things about you. Sometimes the dead deserve it.


I understand that the guy in this story needs some psychiatric attention. That is true for this specific instance.

But in general, Christians put a realistic depiction of a nearly-naked guy being killed on a torture device all over the place, and somehow that isn’t considered offensive or even shocking.

Why is violent imagery not OK only when it offends Christians?


I’m dreaming of a white trash Christmas…


I’d vote for the person who used the phrase ‘terroristic threat’ in such an absurd context. It’s an ugly, mostly vacuous, phrase to begin with, born of the most repulsive semantics grinders of the post 2001 security blather apparatus; but to use it in such an obviously unsuitable context erodes your endurability with remarkable speed. Yeah, sure, somebody’s tacky lawn ornament is terrorism because it annoys you. DIAF.


Or at least some sort of eligibility standard. Like those poles you have to be at least as tall as to get on the roller coaster. If you aren’t at least 150% as bad as the non-humorous side of the police blotter for your county, don’t even try. And even that is a fairly weak admit, so you’d better have a really good manifesto and some extracurriculars.


Well, it’s not my place to weigh in on anyone’s feud, but as for the display itself, I like it. If someone put this up in my neigborhood I’d be genuinely delighted.


A fine, fine man, and the neighbours can stick their Santas where the Sun doesn’t shine! Keep up the bad work, guys!




You mean, in their basements? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Obligatory Glove and Boots here: