Man faces fines of $500 a day for front yard zombie nativity scene


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Zombie Jesus is for EASTER, silly.


On the one hand–boo, punitive city authorities clearly finding a legal loophole to shut down benign free expression!
On the other hand–man, that is inane and immature. The yard-decoration equivalent of tipping a fedora and saying “I don’t know if you know this, m’lady, but I’m an atheist.”


It seems like the simple solution, here, is to take down the accessory structure. I know a lot of places have insane zoning codes, even for small structures like sheds.


I see you have met my freshman year roommate.

I used to put his shoes out in the hall, because they stank. The hall used to put his shoes in the stairwell because they really stank. Some variation of this will happen there, eventually. I got along with him. Nice guy. Life is too short to fume about bad neighbors.


Who gives a crap? It’s only inane and immature in your world. In my world it’s World Wrestling Federation Monster Trucks Tales From the Crypt trash humor that people can engage in if they so desire.


As long as there are no other nativity scenes in town, then yeah, he should take it down. Irreligious folks take umbrage at having less rights than “normal” people.


Nothing says Christmas like cardboard.


Though, I am now sorely tempted to install a beer volcano in the yard.


I have an extra 1.5 hp sanitary stainless steel pump. Let’s do this.


He is risen indeed! :sweat_smile:


Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.
John 6:56 (New International Version)

Eat… flesh…
John 6:56 (Zombie Version)


Ah, the ole’ “Magic Show” is what we called it in my day.


I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

  • St. Paul, Galatians 2:20


EDIT: Upon closer inspection, that’s not a zombie. Maybe it’s Batboy. And Balthazar there looks like a gargoyle.


We can take ‘donations’ during happy hour to cover the fines.


So I guess there is the real question within the story…Are there any other “christmas” displays in town? If yes and they are allowed to stay, then so should he. If the answer is no…then he should take it down.

Seems to me the issue is all around the covering accessory, and not the statues themselves? Maybe I mis understood the wording in the news report.

Also…anyone else notice he lives on Vorhees Lane…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


The question is whether the city enforces this “accessory structure” claim evenly against Dixon and people who put up more traditional creche displays. If I were to guess, and I am, the city has probably never, ever, enforced this against anyone went with Christian tradition.


That’s how those micro-libraries often get into trouble, too. In this case it doesn’t look like there’s really an actual structure, though, it’s a prop (that’s propped up).

What are the odds that there are plenty of nativity scenes in town?


That book would sell.


I thought you weren’t suppose to put out zombie baby jesus until Christmas morning?