Neighbors unhappy about mothball-covered driveway




Paradichlorobenzene is a pretty horrible carcinogen and toxin. Mothballs are rarely a good idea for any purpose whatsoever, although I’ve seen a clever trick for controlling lyme’s disease that uses it.


To be fair, I’m pretty tired of inconsiderate neighbors letting their dogs crap in my yard too. I think this solution is a bit worse however.


As I recall, paradichlorobenzene melts at 53C - a blowtorch applied to the driveway might make for a slick result, and a smoother surface would emit less of that lovely chemical stench.
Of course, sweaters are in less danger in that neighbourhood than in most!


But…she put them on the driveway, so doesn’t that sort of defeat her plan?


I’m trying to think of the last stink so serious as to offend the noses of one of our dogs and I’m drawing a blank. One might think her alpha dog marking of her turf would just be interpreted by the local canines as some sort of challenge, a top turd throw down, as it were. Or was she just trying to sufficiently offend the animals at the other end of the leash?


Things to add to your driveway to stop dogs shitting on it:
1: a gate
2: a sentry gun hosepipe*

*this is a thing, i remember seeing a vid of one built for exactly this purpose, but the problem was cats (harder to lock out of yards, cats). It was on Hackaday, I think


This might be of interest:

Review: could Fibromyalgia cause Paradichlorobenzene?


That was deeply weird. Broken API?


I strongly suspect that the site is designed to sell ads to hypochondriacs and this is simply an edge case, along the lines of the Keep calm and do unspeakable things t shirt fiasco.


OK, but I didn’t want any of the actual t-shirts that advocated specific unspeakable actions, but now I really really want one that literally says “keep calm and do unspeakable things”, dammit.


Perhaps with an elder sign or a cthulhu in place of the crown?


Florida - I live in Tallahassee and all of this is incomprehensible to us all.
Florida woman, Florida man; they’re our neighbors!


I’ve got one say’s ‘gan radge and eat cowies*’


Like antifreeze, moth balls have a sweet taste. Tempting for many animals and children. Definitely a health hazard scattered on a driveway


The alternative is naphthalene. Who knows which ones they are. Naphthalene is cool as it can double as a scintillator, if you get a photomultiplier to deposit it onto; voila, mothball radiation sensor! And it doesn’t even smell that bad.


Finely ground hot pepper usually does the trick without chemically maming the neighbor kids and no dog or cat is likely to try a second time.


OR this:

Bonus, it works against those noisy neighborhood kids as well!


If the neighbor kids are immune to the effects of inhaling cayenne they aren’t human. (Trust me on this, do not attempt at home.)


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