Neil Gorsuch, Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, was founder of "Fascism Forever Club" at his prep school


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If Andy Kaufman were a PoliSci student he wound have founded one as a joke. He would have even worn the mustache.

So yes, I can see why this was just a joke.


Is there a primary source better than the Daily Mail?


does he have some sort of disability that causes him to tilt his head to the right like that?


Then there is the fact that when someone is too overtly loathsome for the Daily Heil… just ewww.


Par for Trump’s course-- hire a guy to a job he has expressed opposition to, in this case hire someone who jokes about doing “the unconstitutional” to defend the constitution.


Are you implying that there is something not quite kosher about our dearly beloved Daily Heil? Its a national institution, you know; like Broadmoor.

Unless, they are holding him up as a paragon of virtue.


They don’t need to do that. They just “let” their readers draw their own conclusions. That’s how a really good propaganda rag works.


Of course he was founder of that club. What do you think caught Bannon’s eye first on Gorsuch’s CV?

The Dems better not cave on this (I know, I know…)


It sucks that this isn’t even surprising anymore.


Fascism Forever? Sounds like he’ll fit right in.

So how long until the ginned up ‘Reichstag Fire’? Under a year is my bet, need to sway the mid-terms.
Bets? Anyone?


It seems like a bit of nothing, but I’d hope he gets asked about that Kissinger line…
“Neil, there’s an old quote of Kissinger’s you’ve been quite fond of in the past…can you describe what you found admirable in that statement, and how you feel about it today?”


Yes. All of his thoughts are weighted to the far right. Sad isn’t it…I’d rather give him disability thatn a job…especially the one he’s been picked for.


And was voted most likely to initiate it.


Did Neil Gorsuch Quote Henry Kissinger in His Yearbook Entry? :


OK, so they guy may be Scalia reborn, but do we have to club him with stupid shit he came out with at high school? Hell, at university I was a Friedmanite, and then a fucking Nozickite (for a term or so).


This guy is scum and we should do everything we can do to have him removed.
However, if his parents still live at that address, it’s a form of doxxing - they don’t deserve any of the backlash that can so often happen. Please check and redact the address if so.


Club him with every scrap of rock that you can get your hands on.

The entire purpose of his nomination is to neuter the judicial system’s ability to resist the TrumpGOP.


His parents are well known… He is from a textbook Washington Insider* family.
His mother (deceased) was head of the EPA at one point (until she was ran out of office):

Anne Gorsuch was EPA administrator in 1983, her actions and scandals almost ruined the EPA.
His stepfather, Robert Burford, served as Reagan's head of the Bureau of Land Management.

I don’t recall seeing anything on his birth father, David Gorsuch…

*not exactly true, his mother hated DC as much as she hated the environment.


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