Neko Case, Mark Lanegan bring on the WTF in weird animated music video


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I had a friend in 10th grade who drew things like that.


I saw her do a Halloween show a few years ago in a gorilla suit and it was weird. This does not surprise me.


Neko Case is + + Good!


Where ya been buddy!


I really like the music these two make, but I’m gonna hard pass on the video. The LP is grand though.


if you follow her on twitter, this video makes perfect sense. she talks like this video looks all the time. it’s definitely weird to have an actual visual, though.



OMG, what did I just watch?!

A live-action/animation hybrid of intersex lovers?


Art imitating art?


Dangnabbit! Now I have a craving for corn dogs. Darn you, Neko! Darn you straight to Heck™!!


This must be the first warning shot for Post-post-post Modern sensibilities.


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