Nemesis Prime Transformer has a G-Shock wristwatch in its chest

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Well of course!

I wonder how long before this shows up at anime conventions here in the states…

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** Adjusts tape-repaired glasses **

Um actually, that is clearly Nemesis Prime.




Ah, of course. Thank you. Fixed.

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It suddenly occurs to me that with all those cheap, new, tiny USB microscopes, the time is surely right for a new Perceptor Transformer that actually functions when transformed.


Fight evil Decepticons as a watch stand!

I am trembling with the imaginative story ideas to come!

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The old Perceptor worked…kinda. I still have mine from my childhood, sitting on a shelf in my office and I just checked! He’s sitting on a shelf along with a bunch of other Transformers I somehow managed to save through assorted moves. So very sad I lost Blaster and most of my cassettes =/

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Non-Transformable Transformers always feel like a Rubik’s Cube that has been glued shut.

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