Neonazi procession turned into involuntary charity run

Had to share this truly wonderful thing:
The Bavarian town of Wunsiedel is the setting for a yearly neonazi procession in memory of Rudolf Heß, one of Hitler´s closest collaborators. This year the town turned the procession into an involuntary charity run for an anti-neonazi organisation.

Colorful banners informed the participants of the current total amount raised at waypoints along the procession. They carried slogans like “If the Führer only knew …” or “swift as greyhounds, tough as leather and more generous than ever before”.
There was also a supply station on the way that had bananas labeled “Mein Mampf” (“my grub” in German) prepared for the neonazis.

Great stuff!

Turn on subtitles if you don´t speak German.


Betrachten Sie einfach die Bananen!


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