"Nepo Babies" and "industry plants" in the music industry

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To be honest I think that Wolfrang Amadeus started his composer caareer because his father Leopold was a musician too and recognized his talent. Also his sister Nannerl was a talented musician too, even if not like him. Also Johann Sebastian, his father Johann Ambrosius was a composer too, and his grandfather Christoph too. Not to mention Johann sr, Johann Jr and Eduard…

“Nepo babies” happened a long ime ago. Honestly living in a musician family helps a lot for havin already musical instruments and parents that could recognize talent. I know two musicians that have perfect pitch and both of them have parents that are playing music and noted early their kid could easily recognize notes.


I think a lot of this comes down to, as mentioned above, being in a family where people are already doing this work.

Oh yeah, and an immense amount of privilege that allows you to pursue such a career without really having to worry too much about failure


I think there are “nepo babies” with true talent, and also those who are really just coasting on their names.

Maybe I should revisit his music, but I was never impressed with Jakob Dylan as a musician/composer/performer, so it was hard not to think his success (albeit limited compared to the game-changing work of Bob Dylan) was all about the aura surrounding his dad.

Yeah. I can’t stand these articles. Some plumbers and electricians became plumbers and electricians because that’s what their dad did.

But these articles do give people a chance to complain about whatever artist they dislike. So there’s that.


A case of nepotism in the modern age with the most dire consequences is the political Bush family. So many lives, in the west but more so in the middle east, lost and mangled because of them wanting to put an underperforming son as the leader of the free world. It is just shameful and left an ugly mark on the United States.


Don’t forget WF Bach, CPE Bach, JCF Bach, JC Bach… The family is chock full of musicians who were well renowned in their own time, even if JS Bach has since overshadowed his children and grandchildren.

That case long confused me, since Jakob claimed he didn’t want to be given any handouts due to who his father was… but took his father’s stage name. Turns out Bob Dylan legally changed it from Zimmerman before Jakob was born. So not the same as, say Charlie Sheen, who used his father’s stage name, while brother Emilio Estevez used the legal name.

The thing that ultimately gets me is that the “industry plant” thing seems to be mainly attached to female pop artists. Nobody said a word about LMFAO being the son and grandson of Motown’s Berry Gordy, respectively. But Billie Eilish’s parents were involved in the entertainment industry, but were hardly record label owners/ exectutives. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone bat an eye at yet another Marley making a record (I think we’re up to 8 or 9 other than Bob at this point). When a jazz player like Ravi Coltrane, Matt Garrison, or the McFerrin kids pick up their father’s instruments, the reaction tends to be to give it a listen and see if it’s good. (by the way, Ravi, Matt, Taylor and Madison are all very good)

It’s really just a reason use to discredit acts folks don’t like. And therefore BS


Yeah, but I think what he wanted didn’t matter, because as far as the music press and industry were concerned OMG he’s the son of Bob f$%king Dylan!! So he got a lot more attention than a similarly talented artist doing roughly the same thing.


I’m an electrician, and I came here to say this, partially. Almost every other electrician I know is the son of an electrician.

In my case, my dad was briefly a steamfitter, a furniture assembler, and for most of his career, an analytical chemist. Observationally, his experience and mine have taught me two very important things:

  • skill in analytical chemistry is not inherently hereditary, nor is skill in electrical construction
  • no matter what you choose to do, it will serve you well to be a member of your trade’s union

Having very early access (and to anything) is a huge advantage.


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