Nerdy, sexy, dirty, funny lovesong on a uke

Deanne Smith recorded this lovely little nerdy and rude and sexy lovesong, accompanied by her kitten, who adds rather a lot. She’s available for live performances at “your town/school/bed/wedding.” She’s provided a handy lyrics guide: I wanna be your abacus baby you can count on me and I won’t say that I love you or… READ THE REST


That was the sweetest, funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Bravo, and I love her.

That kitten was by far the star of this video. I won’t remember the girl or the song five minutes from now, but I will never forget that it is always playtime for kitty!

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Don’t forget her bowtie!

Did the kitten wink at you at 1:20? She winked at me.

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I never really got the <3 symbol. It looks more like a scrotum than a heart.

The kitten rules the video but isn’t mentioned in the write-up?

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I love the song and the kitten just makes it event better. So much awesome.

Yes, this is cute (though that damned kitten would make a good fly swatter), but her song dealing with her angst at ordering a glass of water is even better.


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