How to deactivate a cat, Part 2


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The stuff memes are made of


Does anybody know what language she’s singing in? I don’t recognize any of the words, but it sounds vaguely like Afrikaans to me.


It’s definitely Russian.


That’d explain it. Also, I think I’ve been listening to too much Die Antword. Now all upper sopranos are starting to sound like Yolandi to me…


Man, this place is going to the dogs.



But cats are a liquid!

They belong in jars, or 55 gallon drums if you have a lot of them.


That’s Russian. The girl sings (in a really weird voice by the way) a 50s Soviet song “Lilies of the Valley”, which goes like, “Today you brought me not a bunch of fancy roses, not tulips, and not lilies… [but some lilies of the valley]”

Then she stops reciting the song and squeals, “But just some petuniaaaas!”


You found her voice weird?


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