Dubstep cat video




Concern trolls in 3…2…1


Do I have to do everything myself?


Kitty Rights violation!



Hmm, yeah… that cat looks really into that.


It’s amazing what our kids will put up with, when asked nicely and promised a treat…

(The concern troll looked at the cat and said “Not delighted but not objecting. Good enough.”)


Halfway through the video the cat looks pissed.

Xeni, thanks for the cat. We needed it.


Our boy cat is usually rather stoic, but 30 seconds into that and I’d be bleeding.


Can’t like this enough, nor the ferret.


This would be much more interesting if it is the toxoplasmosis that was making the human dance with the cat.


Does that explain dubstep then? Brain-parasites?


My best explanation for dubstep:



The cat is waiting for the next time dad gets out of the shower and the danglies are vulnerable.


Someone should remove the guy now. His shirt is practically a green screen. Have to restore the cat’s arms in places, though.



My cat did that to my ex-roommate’s friend with benefits. He was quite an asshole, so it was quite enjoyable to hear.


Actually it took almost 4 hours. I came here just to calculate that.


That cat is going to crap on a pillow tonight.


Goddamn cruelty, making it listen to that shit.