NetDragon CEO built headquarters in shape of Star Trek Enterprise

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That’s clearly Voyager though. NCC-74656


Looks like Voyager to me too. Does that make us as nerdy as Liu Dejian? :frowning:

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Why that frownface? Isn’t it a good thing?

It’s a mixed blessing …

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Wow, I never gave my employer credit for the awesome Borg cube I get to work in!


You don’t have to. You were assimilated.


But I see that - underneath - it’s turtles all the way down.

Let’s not forget, the guy also builds a full soccer field, a running track, and 5 tennis courts. More area is devoted to recreation on this campus than actual office space:


He knows how to keep them relatively happy and healthy while expecting that they work seventy-hour weeks.

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At this level of abstraction it’s hard to tell. The silhouettes are very similar, although the saucer section of the Intrepid class is shaped more like a spade and tapers into the main section of the ship while the Sovereign class saucer maintains a more uniform oval shape. Going by this I think it’s fairly reasonable to say it’s the E.

But the Sovereign-class ships do not have planetary-landing capabilities, and since Captain Dejan’s ship has very clearly landed on a planet, it’s gotta be an Intrepid-class ship.


Look at the structure supporting it. Clearly it’s some form of dry dock.

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Well, on the starship you would just use the holodeck for the sports. When the technology gets better he can get rid of that outdoor stuff.


Clearly someone needs to resolve this by contacting Captain Dejian and asking him about his starship. :slight_smile:

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But can it fly and go warp speed? :stuck_out_tongue:

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