Netflix has a job opening for a flight attendant that potentially pays up to $385,000

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The aviation team helps Netflix reach the world more efficiently and effectively so the company can continue to create joy around the world.

I didn’t realize how much my enjoyment of streaming media depended on a bunch of rich executives flying around the world in a luxuriously appointed private jet.


You just know they have a VP sitting around doing nothing on the set of productions all over the world.


Oh, that’s probably more accurate than my thought – “The Attendant”, an 8-episode semi-scripted reality-series where an attendant… uh… attends. Like “Tiger King”, only airlines.


My guess is that this Flight Attendant is very likely to see and hear many things the company NEVER wants the public to know anything about.


cancelling popular series after the season 1 cliffhanger on the set of productions all over the world!

Fixed it for you.

The salary depends on how much the flight attendant has to be chased around the cabin by said rich assholes. /s?


That makes a lot of sense. I was thinking the compensation package might also include a horse.


I was going to say. Given who will most likely be on that plane, 385 large sounds about right to have to deal with those people.


A private plane might be useful for moving expensive camera equipment around the world. The page mentions a G550, though, which has a reputation as an air yacht.


California requires all job postings to give a salary range. They probably just put crazy ranges in lots of postings to comply.


We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job family, background, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary

I’m not an expert on decoding corporate weaselspeak, but I’d swear this sounds like you’d be working for a low base pay plus tips.


So the head butler on a flying mansion?


Are they hiring a pilot along the same lines?
“Our destination? Ummm… Brunei. Hope you know someone there.”


And even that yacht, the G550, is a “middle of the road” aircraft as far as cost. I was on a Bombardier Global 6000 last night talking to the pilot and he told me the plane I was standing inside of (in my dirty ass fire boots none-the-less) cost 80 million. He mentioned to me “We won’t bother flying celebrities or athletes. Billionaires only.”

So yeah, I could see why they would pay high for someone attending those aircraft. The stuff they would see I’m sure would make us all weep.


Of course, a lot of advice sites for jobseekers will tell you that a ridiculously wide listed pay range is a huge red flag.


Why not both; Tigers on a Plane?

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Would some of this compensation potentially be received in equine form?

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The Netflix Aviation department provides exceptional, safe, confidential air transportation.

They should stick to their core business. Glad I am not subsidising this. (No Netflix subscription here!)

Well, there is The Flight Attendant, which was quite good. (And no I do not subscribe to HBO Max either - it came for free on my UK cable system courtesy of Virgin Media - I think it was on one of the free Sky channels.)


Yeah, this. I definitely don’t know the specifics of the law or how it is implemented, but at a guess I suspect that the range is generated automatically from from a very broad job category and experience level entered by the hiring manager into a web forum, and using “industry data” for the ranges. For instance, it’s possible that all flight staff are lumped together in one category, and their industry data source says that flight staff with 4-20 years of experience based in the various locations netflix operates earn between $60k and $385k. A quick search suggests that this might be in line for a senior captain on a major airline flying long haul international routes.

I don’t really think netflix is actually going to pay a flight attendant $385k for their private jet to ensure “confidentiality” for all their executive shenanigans. That’s basically not how actual company executives think. They are definitely going to require NDAs for anyone who takes this job, but they don’t really consider paying multiple times the “market rate” for a job like this.

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total compensation (vs. only base salary)

I wonder how much of the “total compensation” is stuff any company pays for their employees (taxes, offices (maybe not in this case), etc.). I’ve been told that in the case of office workers, this extra compensation can be almost as much as their salary. They might even count the value of the plane rides as part of the compensation.

$100K total compensation probably corresponds to a 50K salary.