Netflix's new Dragon's Lair is going to be interactive

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Hmmm…so it will be as interactive as…the game Dragon’s Lair. Which is to say…not very. This seems like strip mining nostalgia - there is not much to the original as a game beyond the (at the time amazing) visuals. The characters are two dimensional (both literally and figuratively) and there is not really a story beyond “walk through traps, rescue princess”

But sure, make a show based on a forty year old arcade game instead of creating an original property.

ETA: oh yeah, and the princess is scantily clad and problematically sexualized and infantilized. Make the show about her self-actualizing and getting away from Dirk after the game ends? (But really, isn’t that just “Kevin can f**k himself”?)


According to wikipedia, Bluth is getting credited as a producer for the live action iteration.

(Dragon’s lair was innovative at the time because the video was played back via a laserdisc.)


Aiiieee! Too many hours spent listening to that thing on attract cycle and pulling the game apart to see how it worked. (Good thing it, Space Ace, and the copycats used up the supply of laserdisc players, so we didn’t do one. I hated that kind of game.)


I remember the Dragon’s Lair cartoon from back in the day. It was fun because Dirk the Daring would be faced with dangerous situations and the viewer given options. Then the show would play out the options, occasionally Dirk’s unfortunate death, and then continue on with the one and only right option.

It was really fun as a kid, especially not knowing there was an interactive game associated with it. The only one I ever saw was on the NES, which looked too disappointing to ever try to play.

Oh, it looks like someone put the whole series on YouTube: Dragon's Lair - Complete Cartoon Series - YouTube

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