Neumorphic Knots — a fun web-based puzzle game

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Nice game, though the later levels seem a bit buggy. I’ve had a few levels where I solved it, but the game didn’t recognise the solution as valid and wouldn’t let me progress to the next level. But if I drew a quick sketch of the level, restarted the level and use my sketch to reproduce the solution more quickly, it did recognise it as valid. For me, this happened on levels 24, 26 and 29 so far.

Didn’t happen to me until 41 - but it’s happened on 41.

Thanks for the suggestion to restart the level - that gets past the problem.

I only had one puzzle that did that to me. Then I noticed that there were two pieces that were almost identical - they both had two straight lines of different colors crossing each other in the same directions but they differed in which color was on top of the other. When I swapped those two pieces it decided the puzzle was solved & moved on to the next one.

on 41 I swapped two identical blue swoops (bottom to up-left) to get a finish

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