Never-before-seen virus could be cause of pneumonia outbreak in China

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After a month of deny, Chinese Gov hey finally accept to say it was from SRAS family, and so same precaution needed to be taken.

(SCMP is owned by Alibaba founder and is pro-China close to state propaganda)
They still don’t want to announce a human-to human possible transmission, maybe for next week…


Lunar New year is in 24 days.

I really hope they get a grip on this outbreak before the mass travel really kicks in:


Nothing apocalyptic at all here. Nope.

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“filthy and messy” = “unknown cause”

That may have something to do with the cause, maybe…

There’s an interesting story lurking within here of biomedical science advances.

With SARS, outbreak first reported in mid-November 2002. Becomes more widespread over the next few months. CDC goes into emergency mode March 14, 2003. SARS genome sequenced April 14, 2003.

With this new coronavirus, it took just 7 days to go from identifying a new infection pattern to having its genome AND having cryo-EM for its structure. Having these data are just the beginning of building understanding of pathology and treatment, but the move from months to days for getting the data is pretty f***** amazing!


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