Never Goodnight: a Swedish punk Peanuts

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In 1982, Coco Moodysson was a 12 year old punk in Sweden, along with her best friend and her best friend’s sister. They gave themselves spiky haircuts, started a band called Off to the Alps, wrote a song called “Ecco Shoes” and demanded that the adults in their lives take them seriously.

I remember kids like that. Adorable!


Cool. We Are the Best is a great movie. Had no idea it was based on a memoir.

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Thanks for mentioning the translation. That was a very nice ego boost for me, as translator (and writer of aforementioned foot notes). I got the job because I was also on the scene (in fact, the band I played bass for was called Glaürk, - onomatopoetic for throwing up - also used as the sound effect for vomiting in the comic), albeit a year or so later.

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