New 3D printed corneas could save millions of people's vision


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I read something a while ago about cornea replacements in India. Fast, cheap, and most expert doctors in the world. Anyone else read it that has a link?


Can we get some smart folks working on tinnitus? Please?


A Canadian / Swedish team announced their perfection of “biosynthetic cornea implants” not long ago. One of the researchers reckons they’re rubbish.


I love hearing news like this about advances in cornea transplants. My father needed transplants in both eyes and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever develop the same conditions and need it too. I hope something really cool like this is available if it ever comes to that.


As a sufferer of Keratoconus, a degenerative condition when my corneas slowly grow more and more misshapen, it’s always sucked to think I might have to wait for someone die to restore my vision. I’m lucky enough to have reached the age where my corneas have hardened and it probably won’t get much worse, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever need them. That said, hearing about artificial options is encouragin, for myself and for all the others who aren’t as lucky as I am.


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