New album by John Shirley and Jerry King, "Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery"

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i love how punk and almost musical his books are. and while his novels aren’t always super polished prose wise, his short stories and novellas are wild wild rides… if you like horror or the bizarre, they’re awesome.

my favorite of his books “city come a’walking” echos loud in neuromancer ( gibson even put the “panther moderns” - one of shirley’s other bands - in neuromancer. ) even if not quite sci-fi, it’s definitely one of the earliest cyberpunk books.

randomly, he also wrote “the crow” screenplay, and puts a track list of the music he was listening to while writing in almost every book…not that im a fan or anything. :joy_cat:

and hey. most of his scifi seems to revolve around fighting back against christian fascists and, or the police. so there’s that.

can’t wait to check the new tunes out!

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