New American Bystander short story from Jennifer Finney Boylan: "The Assassin"

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That was a very fun read. The last couple paragraphs took the wind out of me though. Ooof


I have a pretty visceral reaction to that hand gesture these days… I’m assuming this is a deeply satirical piece of writing, not a tacit endorsement of white supremacy?

Either way, not digging the cover art, guys.

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I had/have the same reaction, but I was familiar with Boylan, so I just went for it.

Humorous for sure but not satire, but most definitely not an endorsement. Mild Spoiler: people in the story who might sympathize with the person making the hand gesture are not depicted in any positive light.


I just have to correct the post. This was at “Walt Disney World”, not “Disneyland”. The former is in Florida and has the Hall of Presidents and the latter is in California and has Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

And I have to add my jaw dropped when I realized that her objective was. My wife and I loved the Hall of Presidents and hated the day it reopened with the orange plague!


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