Violence erupts at Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim, home of Disneyland

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Good to see there are more people willing to say no to this crap. And while I don’t condone beating up the KKK color me unsurprised if it happens.
Also @xeni the embedded video is autoplaying which is annoying.


Well, that explains the big white space in the article. Auto-playing shit is just one reason I have all kinds of blockers on my browsers.


If they cannot come up with more than three idiots at a “rally”, I am going to suggest that perhaps they are not as big a threat to the country as people make them out to be. I bet two of them were FBI agents working under cover.


Who makes them out to be a big threat?


I’m sure both sides were looking for trouble. Perhaps the Klan should buy Apple phones to conceal their deeds…Certainly this fiasco is a breach of Privacy and free speech.

How does mentioning Disneyland contribute to this story?


Xeni and Doctorow are having a tiff?


How does mentioning Disneyland contribute to this story?

Because it’s funny and it dissapoint’ you.


I do.



The KKK, and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. They have big egos, generally.

Oh wow. I just heard about this rally in the morning off Kevin and Bean. They called a guy at the OC register that was in contact with the leader. The reporter did an earlier profile on the guy and talked on the radio before. They were really playing it off considering how bad the last event went. Only a few guys were there and they were handing out leaflets.

Violence erupts at Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim, former home of "Battle of the Dance" dinner theater

…doesn't really have the same impact.

##"I hate Illinois Nazis Kalifornia Klansmen!




I would have been in favor of treating the Klan rally the same way the asshats from the Westboro Baptist Church are treated – actively shunned, without violence. Although I would have found it amusing if a group of African-American bikers had represented the same way the Hell’s Angels did for WBC previously.


Does anyone else not see the irony of this. For decades the Liberal left has been the proponents of the right to assemble. Many times for something only ‘they’ believed in or for an unpopular subject matter. If that right is stepped on by protesters they, the left, are the first to cry foul. Now, here we are in 21st century America and the violent anti protesters who want to stop a peaceful, though agreeably ugly, rally for a groups beliefs are none other than the left who has whined for years of their right to rally. When did this constitutional right seemingly become ok for the left but not the right? Is that what’s happening here? Protesting is one thing, but protesting with weapons can never be allowed. If you don’t like the message, walk away. This is something that the whiny, leftest, liberal youth of today’s America need to understand and stop trying to change the world at every given moment.

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From the AP’s article

Authorities say 13 people are in custody after the altercations.
A spokesman with the Anaheim Police Department says six of those arrested are Klan supporters and seven are counter-protesters. They were all charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Doesn’t seem all that one-sided to me.

And anyway, it’s not like the KKK was there to advocate for treating non-whites decently. The KKK kills people. It’s hard for me to feel bad about some members of what amount to a domestic terrorist organization getting a little bit of chin music.


You wanna talk whiny? How about middle-aged white men protesting people’s admiration of Martin Luther King Jr? Literally the most privileged people in the country whining away about how they’re so maligned by people’s recognition of MLK’s contributions to society.

That’s insufferably whiny. Have a little self-awareness.


I came to ask the same thing.

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