New "Badass Yanni" just looks like he's angry at a puppy


It’s weirder than that for me.

The road tucked in under his left arm is at just the right angle that it looks like a carbon-fiber surfboard. He’s pointing to the sky, and getting ready to surf Orion’s Belt.


That there is some low-quality Photoshop. Or is it oils?

The “Did you do that?” tour.


I thought it was a young Dennis Miller doing some sort of John Travolta schtick. Man, am I confused.


i don’t think it gets any more bad ass than this

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What do you mean? That looks fine. The face could use a little more life, but it probably looked better in motion.

Didn’t you hear? Bad means good. Antagonyms, baby.


This is one of those times when Rob comes up with something toned just right so I can’t tell if it’s reality, something he came up with entirely, or straight up LiarTownUSA (Randomly NSFW, always great).

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