New doctors avoiding states with abortion bans

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Absolutely predictable. Also, med school grads trend more blue than the general population (not as much as some other fields, but still a trend), and docs tend to, on a professional basis, be very cautious and conservative in choosing where and how to practice, since we are very committed to delayed gratification, once it finally gets here, we tend to want to make sure nothing screws it up. Knowing that providing a level of care that will keep you from being sued for malpractice may land you in court or in jail is not a selling point for these areas. The only ones surprised are the fascists who are absolutely sure that everyone else thinks just like they do. We don’t.


How’s that anti-intellectualism and superstition working out for you, Republican voters?

Of course, their takeaway from this perfectly predictable outcome will be “elitist doctors with their fancy book learning want good white Christian Real Americans™ to die”. They’ll be encouraged in this belief by the GOP, probably with some conspiracism thrown in.


The eastern border of Washington state with Idaho makes for a dramatic juxtaposition. Washington state defending reproductive rights as well as any and Idaho going for the most draconian laws against any at all. This sets up an impressive gradient line where folks are streaming across the border to Washington to receive sane care; and more than a few resolved to settle there. i’ve acquaintances around Pullman to Spokane Washington who have taken to referring to Idaho as “Only Country for Old Men” (to which i’d like to add the adjective ‘evil’)


States that place wack-nutz anti-abortion kooks like Joe Ladapo in Fla. as Surgeon General should send red flags up for any young doctor wanting to make a reputable career for themselves there. I mean you’d have to be crazy to want to work there.


Well, not surprise. They can never think beyond themselves, in this case, at their own detrimental outcome. These people remind me of whose claiming “Why do I have to pay tax for the road I’m not using?” Common public good and service will benefit you directly or indirectly in some shape or form but they can’t accept it help people they don’t like. Action has consequence so they should be ready for skyrocket on already absurd medical bill in form of flying out of state for ER because no doctor worth their salt would want to work in a backward out of nowhere with Damocles sword hanging over their head. That’s if they can afford it but most will take it and die. I only feel for the people in those places who didn’t ask for it but can’t afford to move. For the ones insisting this outcome, let the “free” market decides if you live or die.


Absolutely, the healthcare industry has been predicting this for years.


Hey, man, as an Old Man myself, I resent this. Assholes are not limited by age or gender. (Although there is an unfortunate trend, this must be acknowledged.)


I wonder how much malpractice insurance has gone up in those states?


Hey, man, as an Old Man myself, I resent this. Assholes are not limited by age or gender.

yes indeed. that’s exactly why i stuck in the “wish to add ‘evil’ adjective” notion. as i fancy that would leave me out of the large and growing set of evil old farts. (but perhaps that’s a just a bwahahaha…etc conceit)


Rich Right Wingers will always have access to comprehensive family planning medical services no matter what the laws are.


The rich will always have access to anything they want. This is about control. Period, pure, simple power.


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