Anti-LGTBQ legislation chases a much-needed physician and his family out of Louisiana

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Not just anti-LGBTQ legislation driving docs out of red states. These states will struggle to provide healthcare for anyone in the near future. Not that they care, of course.

And on and on and on. I pray that at some point the people will realize what is being done to them. Dems need to hammer on this during this election cycle.


This sort of bullshit was part of the calculation I made in relocating from Virginia to Delaware.

Virginia’s governor is a 45 wannabe and I thank heavens the State Senate is in the hands of Democrats who have been able to fend off a lot of his offensive agenda. Next election, that math might change.

Other factors included being closer to college friends (like Biden, I am a UD grad) and family, lower cost of living, no sales tax, no car tax and lower property taxes. An unexpected bonus is that everything is a 15-minute or less drive away and I can walk from my house in Wilmington to restaurants and shops.

Check out the latest episode of Ali Velshi’s Banned Book Club podcast where he interviews Margaret Atwood and they discuss The Handmaid’s Tale in the light of these recent developments.


And then, a few years from now, corporate media outlets expressing puzzlement and concern about how underserved the (white) residents of these states are by elitist doctors.


While I feel saddened for the people of these states, whose conservative politicians have opted for bigotry and hate at the expense of the health and well being of their constituents, I will eagerly raise my hand and yell “come to Maine, we need you here!” These folks absolutely will find new places that will welcome them with wide open arms AND hearts.


These Xtianists fail to realize they are 100% the people who would have asked to free Barabbas.


I moved back home to New Orleans just before the pandemic and this state sure as fuck is trying to drive me back out. I really do not want to deal with another cross country move, especially now that we’ve befriended a half dozen cats who live around our place. But goddamn.


I stay in Illinois because our politics are pro human being. My part here in southern Illinois is pretty scary with trumpian infestation but the hills and forests are a powerful natural antidote to hate and ignorance. If the hate completely takes over I’ll have to consider leaving the US entirely. I’d rather not but stupidity hurts my soul.

ETA I hope the doctor and his family find a place of peace and respect, they deserve the best.


And it’s not just doctors-companies and the federal government are moving out of or not moving into these states because of these laws.


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