Gay doctor leaves Louisiana to get away from new LGBTQ discrimination laws

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Louisiana is soon to be left with nothing but medieval barbers.

But it’s what they want after all.


Between the anti-LGBTQ laws and the anti-choice laws, a lot of great physicians are going to decide to leave fascist/Xtianist/GOP controlled states for ones where they can still do their jobs and practise medicine. Part of a larger brain-drain and drop-off in tourism, of course.

That said, it sucks for people who are stuck in those states for reasons beyond their control.



A lot more of this is happening than people realize, I bet. Not just fancy doctors (which are of course among the worst people to lose for the well being of the state). I was hiking last week and met two people on the trail who’d just moved here from Texas, fleeing the politics there.

Of course, many (most?) people don’t have the ability to move, and we musn’t forget that. Moving for political reasons is a privilege. It’s expensive, you have to take kids out of school, you may be leaving elderly family who need care behind, and so on. Many people can’t do it. And anyway, people shouldn’t have to leave their homes for stupid political reasons. The whole point of democracy is that everyone everywhere is free and treated equally.


Yeah, but like, what if they give Elon some great tax breaks and he builds a Tesla factory there? Didn’t think of that, now did you? Jerbs > Babies (hearts)



Not fair. The assholes who make these laws will always have the option of going to blue states to seek care. It’s the peons who will suffer. The key is going to be making it very clear to the electorate why they are suffering, because i guaran-damn-tee you, the fascists will try to blame it on “wokism” or some such bullshit and “the only cure is to give us more power.” Vote them out at all levels!


Absolutely, and as a result the people most likely to leave are the ones whose services are in highest demand, creating even more desperate living situation for the people left behind.


This is the thing working as designed. They wouldn’t care if there were zero doctors (or teachers or hardware salespeople) in the state, as long as gay people don’t feel safe and leave.

These sorts of stories fall into the thing that CS Lewis describes*. It doesn’t matter what calamity befalls the citizens of a particular state or country, because whatever that calamity is pales in comparison to saving peoples’ eternal souls. Nothing can trump that. We can look aghast at the dystopian hellscape certain people seem to want to move towards, but the dystopian hellscape part doesn’t bother them because, again, souls. What does the environment, or good governance, or access to a pediatric heart specialist, or Disney not spending a billion dollars in your state matter if souls are in danger of spending eternity in hell?

*( “The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth.”)

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There is only three in the whole state?!


Not anymore.


True. Should have said was.

I feel very badly for the children and parents in that state


One of the deadliest phrases in the English language.


… is it, or is that leftover Reagan-era fearmongering

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

“Oh no, please don’t test my drinking water” :scream:


You think Republican medicine will be that good?


No but it will be very expensive.


Oh, they do
and they don’t care.
They are hell-bent on creating a neofeudal christofascist society run by white men.
Who needs education? Certainly not the peonage… they don’t need good schools, nor do they need libraries. They only need the Good Book, specifically the Southern Baptist version that tells them to accept their lot in life & obey their masters.

Similarly, the peonage doesn’t need health care, since, if the Good Lord saw fit to inflict sickness or injury upon a peon, why, that peon must have displeased the Lord, somehow. so one less sinner in the world is a good thing.

As far as that goes, prosperity is a sure sign of the Good Lord’s favor; therefore, peons deserve their fate in life, so there is no need to waste valuable resources on them

Keep in mind that all GOP ‘lawmakers’ don’t see themselves as mere ‘representatives’ in a demcratic society.
They see themselves as RULERS by divine right, and will stop at nothing to keep it that way.





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