New emoji for Unicode 8, including "TACO"


So how long before this turns into the next big domain name grab and corporations drop millions of dollars to get their logo into the emoji list?

:unicorn face: damn, that would go nicely with

“But Taco is not an emotion.” - “Don’t say that, you’re making me feel salad”.


For how long have people been asking for the IEC 1621 power symbols, and the idiot Unicode people want to put a freaking TACO in instead? What standard is THAT from?
Sadly, I can’t think of a catchy campaign chant: “No Taco before IEC 1621 power symbols!” just doesn’t have the right ring.

No they don’t. The power symbols have already been accepted for inclusion


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No shit?! I was totally looking for a taco emjoi just yesterday!

I am totally serious.

I never could quite figure out how to use these. (Firefox on Fedora.) Or more accurately have the patience and persistence to look up how to.

I found some utility that allowed display of some emoji in B&W, but no EZ2Do app for entering them.

Unicode has truly jumped the shark.

with all the lazy sexters out there, you’d think they’d at least add a dick and some breasts.

…and how about the middle finger?

they are missing some very utilitarian emoji simply because they have some asinine assumption that everything has to be unicorn heads and rainbows.

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