New film documents the Elephant 6 Recording Company & Collective

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It’s Athens day!!!


And a cover I love…


Very excited about this – Olivia Tremor Control (including some of its spin-offs) is a favorite of mine:

A lot of love for Neutral Milk Hotel, as well.

Weirdly, given how much the members of all of the Elephant 6 bands overlapped and drifted back and forth, I greatly enjoyed some of the bands and didn’t connect with some of the others at all.

I hadn’t realized Dresden Dolls had covered “Two Headed Boy” – that was incredible, thank you for sharing it.

I know Dresden-Dolls-Era Amanda Palmer embraced the very unwashed, tousled hair look, but… holy moly, they were leaning into it hard that day.

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Yeah, I really love that cover… I also love their cover of War Pigs:

And at the beginning of the lockdown they did a cover of Science Fiction Double Feature…

I’m a huge AFP fan, but I got to see them on one of their last big tours, and ended up in front of Brian… he’s a fucking amazing drummer… just out of this world good, really underrated.

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I gave to their crowdfunding campaign for this like ten years ago, so glad to see it’s finally coming out!

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