Soliloquy For Lilith is one of my favorite Nurse With Wound albums

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How could I have forgotten about them? Thank you for the reminder.

An excellent book on NWW, Current 93, Coil, CV, etc, etc…


There’s a fantastic compilation that came out in the mid-80’s called “The Elephant Table Album” - a great introduction to that genre.


Had the odd experience of coming across a photo of someone I knew in it completely unaware of that part of her history!


Oh, that must have been weird! Did you ask her about it after?


This is good, but it’s no “Brained By Falling Masonry!”

a classic. my favorite NWW album is 1982’s “Homotopy to Marie” and that’s for “The Schmurtz”.

That said, I prefer his visual art (often as Babs Santini). I have a few prints on the walls… and his signature on the sweet spot of my cowboy hat.

It’s not the album I would say is my favorite if ever asked, but it’s the album I tend to play most, so I guess it is my de facto favorite.

Pick up any NWW album and there’s a good chance it will be very different than the previous one you heard-- ambient drone, sampled cut-up surrealist comedy, free-form noise jamming, avant art gallery sound collage, etc.

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And my lovely horse as the live encore…


That literally was their live encore at one stage.

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Thanks BB

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