New issue of the How To! podcast: "How To Survive a Public Shaming"

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The double standard highlighted in the interview infuriates me. “Your estranged husband committed a felony against you. You should apologize more!”


edit: to make clear it wasn’t the interviewer saying she should apologize more, just that she faced this attitude.


When I think of public shaming, I associate it more with someone being shamed (rightly or wrongly) for something they did themselves. To be shamed for something an arsehole did to you is completely unwarranted. It speaks well of her character that she’s turning this horrible situation into something positive, which is a better way than most of surviving it.

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Aided by Pelosi throwing Katie Hill under the bus for having a consensual same-sex relationship with a subordinate before she became a congressperson. Aside from the same-sex part, the GOP all but hands out medals for that kind of mistake.

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