New Jersey AG says 5 politicians took thousands in cash bribes via envelopes, paper bags, coffee cups

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The Sopranos was a documentary.


Hey you’z guy’z, I got’a axe you a question?


Jason O’Donnell and John Cesaro look like they’ve come straight from Central Casting.


Only five? Is that progress?

Also, I haven’t looked any further yet, and the article doesn’t seem to say (or I overlooked it): How many of the five are Republicans?

Not that Democrats don’t take bribes. I hate most politicians across all parties, and have no doubt as to the depths any of them can sink once they get a taste of that sweet sweet payola. It just seems like the Republicans make an effort to swim downward.


According to

Sudhan Thomas: Nonpartisan

Jason O’Donnell: Democrat

John Cesaro: Republican

John Windish: not found there (listed as Republican elsewhere)

Mary Dougherty: not found there (all I’m turning up about her is this story and her FB page which doesn’t mention affiliation. but does say she works as as a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX)


From my googling, Sudhan Thomas is non-partisan but endorsed by Dems. Mary Dougherty reported as winning a Democratic primary. The others are as you commented.


The City of Chicago has already sent a C&D letter and filed a DMCA takedown notice. This kind of corruption infringes on their copyright./s


Jersey near Bayonne? They’re Dems.


The Sopranos actually freaked the Mafia out as it was way too spot on.


Politician [opens bag, looks inside]: what the hell is this?

“Campaign contributer”: What’s the problem? It’s all there, just like we agreed. Down to the last dollar.

Politician: Yes, but those dollars aren’t as greasy and soiled as the paper bag they’re in. F*ckin’ amateur hour.


I lived in NY for three years recently, and while I was there, the leaders of both parties in the assembly were convicted of corruption.

This isn’t a partisan thing, it’s an east coast machine politics thing. They like their politicians corrupt over there, regardless of the party.


Not to mention, what about the remaining 49 states?

Bid-nnnnezz as usual.

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Delaware. Another tiny state “punching above its weight”:

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from 2015

On their list, Delaware doesn’t really stand out using any of the four metrics considered.

But, hey, I live in Virginia, which tops out Delaware in both the 2010 and 2015 articles.

Oddly enough, journalists don’t consider either to be a particularly corrupt state.

Kentucky, New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama are the most rotten states, according to reporters. I like to imagine that good journalists are more attuned to long standing patterns of corruption than the average person.

(Louisiana isn’t ranked, which is probably an oversight, given the conviction rate per capita).

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It doesn’t really pay to look into which party they belonged to. Local corruption is usually the result a single party having domination over a long period of time. Or, so says a friend:

Fun fact: Before his untimely death, Manes was on the verge of being prosecuted by one Rudolph Giuliani.

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What, no designer jiffy bags?

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