New line of beautiful and classic-looking microphone cables from Spencer Tweedy

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I think the biggest advantage with these might be that your own mic cable(s) don’t get confused and mixed up with those belonging to others (other band members, the festival sound company, the house, etc.).


Never once have I thought I needed “designer” XLR cables…

Somehow that probably won’t stop them from disappearing though.

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Good lord what a ridiculous waste of money. Rack these right up next to the cryogenic directional speaker cables and $500 1M Ethernet cable at the audiophool store.

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anyone who buys ready made cables is a rube and wasting money, cloth or no cloth covering.

Then I’m a pretty happy rube because when it comes time for making or recording music, I don’t want to be spending my time crimping and soldering my own cables.

heh, no one said rubes aren’t happy to pay retail. anyway, i’m off to daffy’s for a spot of shopping.

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