New London police powers: the right to bite


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Is ‘bite’ a misspelling of ‘cite’? I think being bitten by a cop is a purely theoretical risk, for the very real reason that the police don’t want to catch Hepititis C.


Cops bite? I’ve known that for years. Bazinga!


a kinder, denta-ler officer


Makes sense given the NYPD’s stop-and-kiss policy.


Is this just nutty, or did a cop actually bite somebody?


So, if the heroic biting officer contracts a bloodborne illness, what does the bite-ee get charged with?


I can’t tell if any of this is ironic anymore. The actions of the police are conductive to terrorism as is.


attempted murder.


It’s obvious that they are working on a zombie police force – they are just making sure that the laws are ready.


Yeah, this is obviously going to make the next zombie plague spread much faster.


Ooh, I am moving to London then so I can bite! :stuck_out_tongue:


An officer who will take you into cuspidy.


“unwritten constitution” = Calvinball


EXACTLY! That’s just the right description.


That’s no joke. England (or Great Britain) has no written Constitution. See Wikipedia. Think about it: what does “Constitution” mean? In the USA we take it for granted, but what did the word mean to the men who wrote ours? Why did they call it that?


Heck, my sister used to live near New London, Connecticut. That’s what I thought when I saw the subject line.


And in the US you spend inordinate amount of time arguing what the words mean, then what the framers intended, and never about whether something is right. The UK has many problems but I would be very wary of thinking a written constitution would fix them. There are significant advantages to an unwritten constitution, not the least of which positive changes can be implemented without having to make amendments (when did the US last make one of those?).


So did some cop bite someone recently, or is this a general satire on police brutality?


You really think Americans never argue about what is right? It sounds like you spend a lot of time thinking about our public discourse, but not actually listening to it.

Also, the last suggested amendment was a horrible anti-gay amendment, so it’s okay by me that it’s really really hard to do. Hundreds of spur-of-the-moment amendments would not make my country better.