Woman bites car during argument with driver


As if the story weren’t weird enough as is, I misread Rhian Jeremiah’s name at first.

… But why would Ron Jeremy even be in Wales?


I’m going to need a bigger car…

Oh for fucks sake. How small minded could the owner of the fiat be?
An unpleasant incident and a slight damage to the car, that’s all. Considering the young lady’s circumstances the right thing to do would be to forget and forgive.
Was she ever given the chance to settle the expenses out of court?

Since she claimed to have not done any damage that she should have to pay for it sounds like some attempt to avoid court was made.

But it’s important to remember that in our society & likely that of Wales also, a car is a literal extension of your body, to be treated thus, regardless of the gender* of the title holder. Effectively, this grieving woman bit a part of the woman by our standards. Hard. Of course the courts must be involved!

important, males consider the vehicle as penis, so, don’t touch w/out permission, don’t criticize it or laugh at it, compliments only, sincere & heartfelt, or they may defend themselves physically, maybe even with the penis er car. And for fucks sake, Don’t Bite It*.

** without permission


From the BBC article linked in the post:

Jeremiah had denied causing £220 criminal damage to the car by biting it but was found guilty.

She admitted assaulting two police officers who were called to arrest her for biting the car.

So she denied biting the car, but was okay with assaulting not one, but two police officers? Lady, your logic needs a touch of help.
Also, since I’m technically Welsh by parentage (and damn, those folks can sing AND drink like crazy!), I’m just gonna leave this here:
You've got a mind like a Welsh railroad: One track and dirty.
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in before bath salts

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