London cop who repeatedly kicked, beat woman who wouldn't leave her child's sickbed cleared



Well it’s good to see our international allies are living up to US standards of justice.




Here’s hoping for a better outcome for the victim on the misconduct investigation.



The mother should be forced to lick the blood off the police boots that stomped her. Might teach her an important lesson to respect authoritay.

Who the hell tries to stay with a sickly child?
Parents? Fail-ents, I call 'em.

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I think that is a terrible article in the Guardian because there is obviously something missing there.

Based on that article it seems impossible that this verdict was delivered. Was there some technicality involved? Did the judge instruct the jury that what was involved didn’t constitute bodily harm? Was the prosecution incompetent?

As it stands this article reads incredibly one sided and, to me at least, this diminishes my trust in the truth of the situation. I am by default more likely to believe that the police officer was abusive and violent, but after reading the article I have to question what part of the story has been left out.

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Thank you, UK, for trying to make the US look less extreme by comparison. But you’ll have to start shooting or choking way more people in order to vindicate as many as killers as we have lately. USA! USA!

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As usual, no witnesses actually protect the victim from police. But at least they feel badly about it! Don’t worry, somebody else will help…

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Just because something sounds too bad to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t. As for being one-sided, the article devotes 6 paragraphs to PC Warren Luke’s version of events to 3 paragraphs for the mother’s.

edit: Looking at several other UK newspapers, they all seem to relay a pretty similar version of events as the Guardian. The defense basically relied on calling the mother cray cray. In the end though, why did the officer escalate it? Who was the woman a threat to? Maybe she had to leave, and maybe the doctors were going to cut off life support, but why not negotiate patiently or wait her out? If she was being violent, why not back off momentarily?


This is why we don’t arm our cops!


Sounds like you should take their legs away as well.


What. The. Hell.

Because “helping” would have probably lead to people being killed, and anyone who helped that survived would have ended up in jail. That’s why the law exists, right? To discourage certain behaviours. Well, it works! People’s inappropriate behaviour (in the mind of those who create and enforce the law) has been suitable discouraged.

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Try as those limeys might, we’re still #1, and will be until they start arming their beat cops like special forces. USA! USA!

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My point about the article was that, from my point of view at least, there was no indication of why the cop got off. Everything in the article, including his own testimony sounded like he should have been found guilty. SO… I wondered what else there must have been going on that the jury found him not guilty.

You might have misunderstood me, I can fully believe the policeman did beat this woman. But as written in the article I cannot see how he would have gotten off. Therefore I was assuming that the writer of the article left out something that happened. Not something that would make beating a woman at her child’s bedside “ok.” Something that made it so the jury could find him not guilty. Like an instruction from the judge or something

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I assume that it all hinges on how they define “actual bodily harm”


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Someone who shares my sense of humour. Have an upvote.

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He’s a rozzer - does there have to be any more reason than that…?! As someone who HAS suffered GBH at the hands of the fuzz (and, yes, I DO mean GBH, not ABH) I have zero time, nor respect, for any of 'em. Least this cunt got prosecuted, because of the nature of my disabilities I wasn’t even able to file a complaint. Perhaps there ARE some decent rozzers out there, but I’ve never met any. GMP is probably the most sadistic force in the country, but Merseyside and the Met ain’t too far behind.

And if you don’t believe our fuzz are on a par with yours. America, there have been myriad deaths in plod custody, or at the hands of the fuzz; like yours, our fuzz have a penchant for murdering unarmed black men, too. I refer you to the Broadwater Farm Riots and the Mark Duggan case - and that’s just for starters.

I’m not going to say anything more because I’ll end up triggering myself. Probably a fucking stupid idea to have read this topic, but hey…


Those are my thoughts as well.

There would have been a statement from the judge on the verdict and they tend to give context etc. Or even just more reporting on it.

Courts go lightly on police world over and it’s not surprising officers get off charges necessarily but when it’s something so clearly unjust and should result in a prosecution they have to give more details or quote the specific reasons.