New Make Wiki Button


Hey @codinghorror! Here’s a brand-new topic just for that.

What’s the dirt?

Did you ever want to play questions?

Link, please.


maybe, sometimes Gotta click the three dot bar to make it show.

I’m in ur base, editing ur comments.

Hi there, wiki.


Woohoo! this is fun.

___  _ ____  _     ____    _  _  _  _ 
\  \///  _ \/ \   /  _ \  / \/ \/ \/ \
 \  / | / \|| |   | / \|  | || || || |
 / /  | \_/|| |_/\| \_/|  \_/\_/\_/\_/
/_/   \____/\____/\____/  (_)(_)(_)(_)



Must be a special power for regulars. I don’t have it.


On your own comments?

@slybevel What does it do, anyway? Make your comment globally editable?

Can you edit this one?

Like this?


Well I just clicked it on my comment, but I’m not sure what happened.


Well, that seems like something that should be used carefully - I see the edits show up in the history.


This looks to be a documentation source:


When I try to edit your entry, I get the ever-popular “you cannot view the requested resource” popup.


And your post doesn’t have a Make Wiki button for me to click.

I’m just really puzzled as to how I was able to edit @daneel’s comment above.


Me too. Because normally all I do is dream of moving to Canada. Weird to edit some one else’s stuff

Weird? What’s weird about it? Seems pretty normal and natural – reminds me of when I used to cut-n-style people’s hair while they slept.


Nor does yours, now.

It appears someone is writing live code in the production environment. :slightly_smiling:


I turned it back off from wiki. When it was you should have been able to. I can still edit the one you marked thusly.


I got a notification that you edited!


Wiki means any TL1 or higher user can edit your post. Like “Wikipedia”.


I like turtles.
And breakdancing.




How do I Like someone else’s edit of my comment!?


Been wondering that myself.


I guess :⁠heart: will have to do… my markup-fu is weak though.

I should probably try that markdown tutorial.

Well I had a look but I guess the proper cancel syntax is in here somewhere: