New mammal species found "in plain sight"


Resembles a kinkajou but closer to the coatis

Olingos closely resemble the kinkajou in morphology and habits, though
they lack prehensile tails and extrudable tongues, have more extended
muzzles, and possess an anal scent gland. Genetic studies have shown
that the closest relatives of the olingos are actually the

EDIT: Editing this to acknowledge the typo has been corrected, but leaving it for context since someone has responded to it.

Typo: you have South Africa on there instead of South America.

Far out. Hiding in plain sight is often easier than you might think.

Or maybe it’s correct. It would certainly explain why the little guy was so hard to find.


Cue the crypto blogospher to use this to support arguments for the existence of Bigfoot.

Surely not.
Bigfoot is an omnivore, so the existence of a carnivore would have little bearing on the subject.

More to the point - does it taste good?



let’s just call it what it really is.

It will be just like one of those news stories about Nazi war criminals who evaded justice for decades by blending into mainstream society. “He was living in my apartment building for years but no one suspected anything because he seemed so quiet and unassuming.”

Who knew that guy was Bigfoot, all along?

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I thought he was just a Yeti!

pfff, Those weren’t Nazis, those were Old Germans, lit by an oblique light-source.
Easy mistake to make.

He had an AT&T calling plan

It was discovered living in Whitey Bulger’s garage behind the recycling bin.

“Damn you autocorrect feature! Damn you to hell!”

Judging from that photo, I’d say it was hiding while plotting our destruction.

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