New Mexico governor accused of stiffing a hamburger joint

Ok, where’s the “spit-take” button icon?

They lie to you, go “look at me, ain’t I great, I am the one!”, do everything they can to make you believe that they are honest and worth voting for, then go all turtle when you catch them at something as if suddenly their screw-ups and dishonest acts are none of our business. Well, it is our business when we pay their salaries while having to listen to their lies and suffer for their incompetencies. Fucking politicians.

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Elected officials have been forced to resign over less than that - in Scandinavia.


stiffing a hamburger joint

I was disappoint to discover that, at least in this case, “stiffing a hamburger joint” isn’t a euphemism.


Completely buried the lede. Story is that a hamburger in Santa Fe costs $17.

If that’s so, then shouldn’t it include “… and when that hamburger is consumed, $17 should be paid.”


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Yes of course… attempting to exploit yet another example of blatant self-entitlement on the part of GOP chronyism. IF this story is true, this woman has a hell of a lot of gall to crumple up the receipt and throw it in the trash, I’m assuming, right in front of the proprietors? Furthermore, why is any Latina a member of the GOP? Talk about self immolation. For shame Governor Martinez.

I love the way the statement says it was a ‘misunderstanding’ without in any way explaining what this ‘misunderstanding’ was.

‘I’m the governor, therefore I eat for free’?

‘I thought the other person paid for both meals’?

‘I have no idea what money is? Who are you? Where am I?’

Mind you, at least she made the effort to walk over to a bin to throw away the bill. That’s nice.

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