New Mexico governor accused of stiffing a hamburger joint


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Slow burger day?


hamburger joint - not what I thought.


This is a nothing burger… a $17 nothing burger.


She’s a terrible person, regardless. New Mexico is trying to purge climate change and evolution from their curriculum.


Would that be the same governor that got kicked out of a Santa Fe hotel for partying too hard with her staff? Then called 911 to complain about it?

Why yes, yes it is.


Was the man who paid a government contractor?


He thinks it’s lemonade…


She threw away the receipt? She is suppose to keep those for reimbursement. @ $17 that must of been a Whopper of a burger.


Might just be me, but I strongly suspect there was a “Gov eats for free, get it?” message that they failed to get.

Kind of wonder how many surprise health department inspections they’ll be having in the next few months…


I hope she stiffed the person who Photoshopped that portrait. Yeesh.



Nope, not buying it.

Is a Republican did this, it would be proof of their commitment to freedom and America and baseball. But Martinez is not only a Democrat, but also has a suspicious name, if you know what I mean. Probably just looking for a handout.


Like father like son. The apple lemon doesn’t fall far from the tree.


No, she threw away the bill. You don’t get a receipt unless you pay. Her ‘companion’ came back hours later after the news started spreading about her leaving without paying and paid the bill. I would assume he then submitted both receipts either to his expense manager or he gave them to her for reimbursement. Who knows? What we do know is this is one prime example of Republican ‘leadership.’


I had to take a second look. Man, that Photoshopping is bad. Even I could do better, and I can barely manage layers. Makes me suspect that it was done on purpose.


Actually she is most definitely a Republican


Speaking as a resident of Santa Fe and a recent state employee, just what i would have expected from her. WGE.