New mineral discovered in Australia




Whether it has commercial applications or not it’s very beautiful. And it really surprises me that so many new minerals are discovered every year.


A timely discovery named in honor of great leader Vladimir Putin.



Disappointed it’s not Australium.


You’re thinking of Putiniste – a persistent contaminant and systemic toxin. Symptoms of exposure include loss of speech, restricted freedom of movement and, when in Western Europe, sudden chills.


They are reserving that name for a new mineral that also happens to be very deadly…


If we hide it in a lead lined container and suddenly open it up in front of Putin, does he lose his super powers? Or maybe it does that to Dean Putney?


That suffix would be for a metal. If it helps, though, there is already an australite. It’s supposed to be the result of an asteroid or comet impact, so I think can at least serve as a reminder of very deadly things.


Let me know when they discover dilithium crystals.


According to the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual,
(p. 17) dilithium’s symbol was Dl, and it had the atomic weight 315 and
atomic number 119. It was first discovered by Humans as early as 2049 on the fifth moon of Jupiter.


Putnisite is a newly discovered purple mineral that, unlike the many minerals found each year, is not closely related to already-known minerals.

What about Vegemite?


Thank god somebody got in early on that joke.

I expect every late-night talk host to now beat it to death.


I came up with it before it was cool.


ya beat me to it. Now for some Put(i)niscitetic purple prose…


They’re rocks, Marie. Jesus!




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