Petition to name a new element in Terry Pratchett's honour


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See also - petition to name one Lemmium


Not narrativium?


a handy video explaining the new elements and why you can’t just name it after anyone the internet feels like.


Can we please stick to scientists? Because Terry Pratchett isn’t going to win if someone starts a petition to name it “Kardashium”.




Octarine is a color and its root means"8". People so Discworld-illiterate should not get involved in science.


It’s cute, but since the naming suggestion rights go to its discoverers, and since the lead discoverer is the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia, they’d better hope that a lot of Russian scientists have read Terry Pratchett for them to care remotely.

(Also, nit-picking, it’s in group 17, not period 17. Periods are the rows.)


Assuming one is chosen I’d like to submit the following candidates for the remaining three elements that aren’t named in Terry Pratchett’s honour.



Eh, seems to me they should have stopped with proper names a while ago. These are elements that last only a fraction of a second; it hardly seems as though anyone will ever do anything useful with them. I guess squaring off that last row is kind of nice?


Maybe they’ll call it NIICHAVO.

Nothing has been named Lysenkium yet, has it?


I thought you had to be dead to have an element named after you, unless you were Einstein or Seaborg.

If not, then I want an element to be called Lehrerium, in honour of Tom Lehrer/The Elements


If he gets an element, it should be a non-integer one. Like maybe element 7 1/3, which is carbon dioxide.


It would actually be quite appropriate for Octarine to be element 7A.


I like that even better.


I’m annoyed that I have yet to read that book. Monday Begins on Saturday is available on Amazon for $70 and up, and isn’t available at all in my library network in Cambridge MA. The library does have a few other Arkady and Boris Strugatskys. Any recommendations?


Roadside Picnic which I haven’t read is an “of course” book, since it’s the source for Tarkovsky’s Stalker.

The only other one I’ve read is Far Rainbow.

I got a copy of Monday Begins on Saturday back in the early-mid 80s, and have read it every few years. I spent 3 or 4 weeks in the Ukraine in 93-94 and a number of things reminded me of the book.

I’d like to get a copy of the new translation. But not at $70.


If you’re willing to buy from the UK and wait a few months, Gollancz is supposed to be publishing a new edition later this year.

(Of course, they also first announced this edition with a publication date of early 2014. So maybe don’t hold your breath.)

For other books: Definitely Maybe & The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn both have editions from Melville House. Definitely Maybe is somewhat amusing; maybe not their best, but not bad. I haven’t gotten around to Dead Mountaineer’s Inn yet, so I can’t comment on it. (Though I have seen the Estonian film adaptation, which I can’t really recommend for reasons unrelated to the plot.)

There’s also the new edition of Hard to Be a God listed in your link, though I don’t know anyone who’s read it yet. Those friends I’ve known who read the previous translation have said they enjoyed it.


Brady should look into getting a stabilizing rig. I feel seasick.


Maybe sometime before they named four elements after a village in Sweden?