The late Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead immortalized in a milk ad from Finland

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there’s also a movement to change “Jack & a Coke” to just “a Lemmy.” gimme a Lemmy!


If the Rainbow Bar and Grill doesn’t start calling them that, well. . . .

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There’s a line from a Dylan song: “Lenny Bruce was bad, he was the brother you never had.” It could easily apply to Lemmy as well.

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have they weighed in on this, i wonder?

I’m not one of those celebrity worshiping people, but I’m really missing having that dude in the world. It made planet Earth suck a little less.


Is there a petition somewhere to sign about naming Lemmium?

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I will never ever be able to see this guy and not get wistful about all of those freaks who played badass waste dragons.

It also makes me hunger for pepperoni, though I don’t know why.


Petitioning to get his name attached to a new element is probably a fool’s quest, since they have rules about how elements get named, but I’ll bet not only would places like the Rainbow welcome naming Jack-and-Coke after Lemmy, but Jack Daniels would welcome it too.

Perhaps we should get on it.


(Runs to record stacks, pulls out the LPs.)

“Nope, it’s ‘Kilmister’ on every single one.”

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Mel Smith in there too.


Great! Totally forgotten that one. I always liked this one:

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