New planet formation hypothesis places giant hidden worlds everywhere

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Where does this quote come from? Masses of 10 MJ are not exactly rare but near the planet/brown dwarf boundery (~ 13MJ) - the NASA news release does not mention any planetary masses, the two linked papers describe models between 1 and 6 MJ.


Wow - I came to ask where that line is, and Mister Science already has it covered. Good job!

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It came from Randy, Describing Eternity.

Every thousand years

This metal sphere

Ten times the size of Jupiter

Floats just a few yards past the earth

You climb on your roof

And take a swipe at it

With a single feather

Hit it once every thousand years

'Til you’ve worn it down

To the size of a pea

Yeah I’d say that’s a long time

But it’s only half a blink

In the place you’re gonna be

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“enormity”? Don’t think so…


Enormity != Enormousness

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