New podcasts about "Havana Syndrome"

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The answer is right here. It’s nothing.

In any group of people, there will always be a few unexplained ailments. Just because we don’t know exactly why someone isn’t well doesn’t mean it’s some crazy new disease or exotic attack. People feel crappy a lot and we can’t always determine why. A couple dozen remaining mysteries out of 1500 people? That’s nothing. Noise in data. Especially for a “condition” with what we call “symptoms of life”. Headache, fatigue, etc. Things we all feel to varying degrees with no explanation.

Havana Syndrome is just another case of mass health hysteria. These events happen from time to time, wherein a set of circumstances triggers a large group of people to believe they all got sick from some event.

There’s always a percentage of people in any population who are sick, and of those, some will always have non-specific symptoms (fatigue, headache, dizziness, etc). Thus you can always draw a circle around that group and declare “we all all some mystery syndrome because we’re all sick at the same time”.

Again, this happens all the time. So often that’s there’s a name for it and it’s a field of study.


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