Havanna syndrome - "unfounded"? perhaps now re-founded

Only several weeks after the intelligence community came out to disavow claims that “Havana Syndrome”—the bizarre rash of neurological disorders plaguing U.S. foreign service officers—was the result of a directed energy weapon, a newly declassified report alleges that may very well be what it is.

prior BoingBoing: After years of bullshit, government concludes “Havana Syndrome” is bullshit

(why, it’s almost like the world of espionage is trying to confuse us, isn’t it?)


Almost certainly the result of Russian psychics in sealed rooms staring at photographs of the targets and wishing harm on them /s


Oh well, if it’s based on an intelligence dossier, then I’m sure the Cubans can cause havoc within 45 minutes.


I like lariam for this.

A nice overlap with the symptoms, lots of variation of side-effects among individuals, including possible long-term damage, different versions of it going around so potential for an especially damaging batch, and the US government prescribes it regularly to overseas personnel. Granted Cuba isn’t on the malaria hot-list, but enough Central and South American countries are that it could have been mandated anyway.



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