Is there a secret weapon causing headaches, nausea, and other ailments among American diplomats and spies?

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The answer is yes. His name is Donald Trump.


Funny ol’ thing conspiracy theories, ain’t they? Just because a lot of scary idiots glom onto obviously false things like Q-anon doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional conspiracies which are likely. This one, the Havana syndrome, has pretty good odds of something injurious being attempted. Here’s an excellent recent summary: link. So worth every nickel you paid for it, here’s what my tin-foil hat blathers: pulsed microwave (possibly phased to a standing wave), Russians, and for oh-so-secret reasons all main intelligence agencies are trying to hide each others effort. -sigh-


Cholinesterase inhibitors are by far the most likely explanation.

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Problem is, this doesn’t explain all the other instances, particularly the ones on American soil, nor why it’s not a more widespread phenomenon.

It’s highly likely that they’re being attacked with something. Whether it an energy weapon or toxin - who knows.

But it doesn’t sound like there’s an innocuous environmental reason. And State needs to bring more resources to bear to determine the cause, protect the people and care for those harmed.


Stay inside.

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OMG It even causes blog posts to repeat their snips. MONSTERS!!

from the CIA and Capitol Hill say targeted American citizens on American soil […]

Struggling to regain control over his body, Polymeropoulos couldn’t have imagined


The bigger mystery is why nobody has documented the existence of this energy field. The needed sensor technology is surely readily available for spooks. The allegations in the article that the only reason is to avoid embarrassment are more disturbing than the existence of the energy field.

The new DTs.


What has escalated tension among America’s intelligence counterparts so highly that psycoacoustic, directed energy or biological weapons have been put into play on U.S. soil?

Surely the adversary must realize there will be reprisals.

Depends on if any new hotels are going up in the adversary state…


Enthusiastically buying into every piece of US propaganda, no matter how blatant, was bad enough in the pre-Trump era. Continuing to do it while Trump is in charge?

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It’s obviously a hydrosonic beam.


ok, but apparently the same “crickets” have been recorded in China.

Is youtube’s audio codec good enough for scientific work?

Anyway, it looks like the preprint was never published.

“Now, as a CIA investigation points the blame at Russia, the victims are left wondering why so little is being done by the Trump administration.”

Why indeed?


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