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In Jen Sincero’s book, You Are a Badass , she describes the Alien Exercise for rebooting yourself and getting some clarity. Imagine you are an alien and you’ve just landed on Earth — into your body and life. Take notice of all the connections, opportunities, skills, possessions and people who love you and can help you.

Specimen X5438 has many friends and relatives that can be exploited in our campaign to destroy all humans and claim Earth for Altair IV. Wait, am I doing this right?

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Hi Mark,

Hadn’t heard of your newsletter before and I was interested in subscribing. But the sign up page lacks an SSL certificate and the browser throws up several warnings at me. I will check back occasionally, but until that is fixed I won’t feel comfortable providing any information to that page.

You’re a surfer aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Thks! Good stuff.

Pro tip: always take good care of your decoy body.

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For some strange reason I felt compelled to create an account here just to post this:

I’m always curious for interesting things, so I bought the PDF, and I must say, for my taste it’s too heavy on things that are simply unnecessary, things that solve a very specific purpose that can easily achieved with a bit more skill and the tools you own already, and things that produce an irresponsible amount of waste. Nobody in the first world needs electrolytes - except when they’re sick, or gloves to keep your hands from getting “dirty”, plastic sheets instead of sandpaper, a tube squeezer (if you’re not elderly), getting food delivered through Amazon …

I may be entirely in the wrong place to share this observation, but I’m afraid that if we continue to exhibit the worldview that is condensed into this list, we may not have much of a world to look forward to.

Also, I think with what we know today, we should be beyond recommending that people shopping at Amazon, have a Dot or Echo (or similar), or use Chrome. But I know that might be too much to ask for, and it might be more common in the US as in Europe.

There’s also things in there that I find interesting, but as a whole the pdf leaves me rather sad, because it reminds me there is still such a long way to go.

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