New Scott Pilgrim anime coming to Netflix, with the voice cast from the movie

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I’ll be stoked if this goes back to what I understand is the original ending in the comics, where Pilgrim ends up with Knives. I enjoyed the movie, but the way the director shifted that ending didn’t work quite the best for me.

Is she hopefully a legal adult by the time that happens?

Cause I gotta say, a 22 year old dating a 17 year old (even non-sexually) was cringy a/f, even back when the movie first came out.

And I say that as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the film…


Sure, good point.

I was thinking more of the story arc. Pilgrim’s arc of chasing some idealized notion of a super-cool great love, when someone else is right there who is actually supportive and in many ways keeps proving themselves. And also Ramona’s more implied arc, of growing from needing to be in a relationship even if it might be toxic, to where she can be able to be whole by herself.

But also, it’s all art. : ) It sounds like this version has a good shot to be good and entertaining.

I didn’t mind the ending switch so much. I thought Knives and Young Neil made a better match. IIRC, the reason the movie had a different ending the graphic novel is that Wright had to write the film before O’Malley had finished writing the last volume and some details were still up in the air. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it’s what I always heard.


You’re right that Wright didn’t have a full story to go off of as the final volume or volumes were still in the works, but it was Wright who originally decided Scott would end up with Knives while O’Malley was focused on a less than happy ending for Scott, whatever that would have looked like. No one was satisfied with the Knives ending. Aside from some personal growth that might have developed otherwise, ending up with Knives raises the question of the point of everything else. (I think a more full explanation is provided on the commentary track for the alternate ending.) The ending of the graphic novels then went on to reflect the film.


Although I would argue that a big point of the whole series is how much of a stunted manchild Scott Pilgrim really is. It was cringy that he was dating a high schooler! It wouldn’t be completely out of place if he ended up with Knives at the end of the story … but it would also cement the story as a bleak tragedy with delightful manga-video game imagery.


Well, everyone in that movie is pretty much an asshole but Knives. As long as she’s happy I don’t much care what happens to the others.

One of those rare movies where you can enjoy not rooting for any of them and definitely laugh at them, not with them.


Didn’t she go out with Young Neil in an attempt to make Scott jealous? She’s not as bad as everyone else, but she’s still a bit of an ass.

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