Watch the teaser for the upcoming animated adaptation of Scott Pilgrim

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I like the art style. I haven’t read the original comic, but this appears to be inline with that.

The 2010 movie is one of my favorites to just sit back and enjoy. I was worried until I saw it has the same director, as that style just works for the material.

The same actors are also the voice cast.


I like the source material, and the 2010 movie, and I would be totally down for more Scott Pilgrim. And I understand the need by Netflix and every other media company to just remake and rehash the same material over and over. But this is the same story, with the same actors, and the director now a producer. Tell new stories, FFS.


The movie is fantastic, but the manga is better and way different. I’m excited to see more of the character arcs and shifts depicted as a series, which was honestly the only way the manga was going to be fully realized on video.

Glad they got so many of the actors to voice their parts!


I agree, and yet I’m not put off by a production in which Edgar Wright has more room to play with the original material and seeing the comics brought to life by Science Saru. There’s always a chance that a remake can be better and possibly become the definitive version for some viewers. So I hope this becomes that rather than an unnecessary rehash – which, let’s face it, it has a better chance of becoming.

There’s also a part of me that really hopes the whole thing goes off the rails and subverts our expectations. The story zags where it originally zigs and whatnot. But I’m always hoping for that in new versions of stories and pretty much never get it because the majority of the people out there like and prefer sameness.


Looks like we’re at least getting a new take on the same story.

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