New song from the Barbie movie features Slash from Guns n' Roses on guitar

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Cue dudebro meltdown about how Slash has gone “woke”…


I was expecting a purple dinosaur.


Where’s the laugh/cry reaction emoji?


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I haven’t seen or felt this much excitement for a movie release for a while. I’m really just hoping that the Barbie movie doesn’t end up being like a Star Wars Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks disappointment.


I can’t say I feel extra excited for this movie – but I also think it looks very, very interesting, it’s clear that a lot of people put a lot of thought into the production, and I find myself thinking less of people who are completely dismissive of it.

Reminds me a lot of people who sneered at “The Lego Movie” and “The Lego Batman Movie,” and both films combined corporate fanservice, technical brilliance, and massive amounts of intelligence, cleverness, insightfulness. If you skipped those because of contempt for pop culture or kids’ movies, you missed out on great stuff, and it wouldn’t surprise me if “Barbie” was similarly interesting.

EDIT: It also reminds me of the recent Oscar broadcast where the presenters dismissed all the nominees for the Best Animated Feature because they was just useless kids flicks that adults hated. It was amazing that the Academy Awards, of all institutions, would just openly announce that they no longer knew a goddamn thing about the universal nature of cinema.


Wait until they learn about his heritage. Yikes!

eta: “Yikes” meaning the dudebro meltdown will be extra melty, no disrespect to Slash’s lineage.

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